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Facility Rules

No Smoking

In any Buildings, Restrooms, Arena Seating Areas, or Offices. Please dispose of Cigarette Butts responsibly.

No Parking

In rows between the barns. (Short Term Unloading only please) Within 25 feet of the end of the barn, or designated fire lanes. Please do not block the aisles. Vehicles may be parked next to the green fence leading to the Arenas, please do not block any of the double gates within that green fence.

No Recreational Vehicles

No roller skates, scooters, bicycles, ATVs, Side by Sides, and golf carts are allowed on the premises. A valid Drivers License is required for all Operators of any/all Motorized Vehicles.


All stalls are metal 10’x10’ and have a sand base. Do not remove stall fronts from the stalls. Rolling Receptacles are available in the barn area for all trash and animal waste. Please do not dump manure on the grounds outside the stall area. Please, No outside shavings or straw.

All Dogs Must Be On A Leash

No dogs in any arena or building, only in the barn area or RV area. ADA working dogs & dogs participating in shows are the only exception


Trailers/RV’s with living quarters that require any type of water, electric, or sewer hook-up will only be hooked up in the RV Park. Trailers shall not be hooked up to power in the stall barns. Trash should be placed in the gray Rolling Receptacles placed through-out the RV Lots. Please do not leave trash bags outside your trailer on the ground. Persons requiring handicap accommodations or with special needs, should bring this to Staff attention


Cooking is only permitted in the limestone areas and in the RV parks. Children Are The Responsibility Of Their Parents. With the safety of your children in mind, we at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center require that:

Wash Racks

All horses should be washed in the wash racks at the back end of the stall barns. No washing in front or middle of barns at the water troughs.

Entering/Exiting Arenas

No horses allowed inside the green fences in the Arenas. All horses must enter and exit from C Arena, the arena between D Arena and B Arena which feeds the Outdoor Arena. No horses are allowed in any of the grassy areas around the oak trees. No riding horses other than in the designated arenas, no riding on the roads, RV Lots outside the designated areas around the barns or in the arenas.


Swimming in the Ponds are prohibited

Public Service Announcement

In case of a Chemical Emergency, please Exit to the North of the (Main) D Arena upstairs into the Banquet Rooms. You will be directed by Lamar-Dixon Expo Center Staff. Please stay calm upon exiting to a safe place. Lamar-Dixon has an All-Call system upon which everyone will be notified. On EVERY Monday, there is a test siren that goes off at Noon. This is only a test. If you are in your RV, please turn the AC off, and put towels over open air vents. This situation is what they call Shelter In Place and we’ve not had to do that since we’ve been open, but we do need to be PREPARED.